Modern flintknapping art includes objects made by hobbyists and researchers.  These are not made as part of a continuing tradition but instead mimic stone tools made in ancient history, or are entirely new flintknapped creations with no ancient analogues.

Handaxe replica 1, Abbe Brueil

Modern Art, Anonymous Flintknapper

Handaxe replica 2, Abbe Brueil

Modern Art, Anonymous Flintknapper

Kerrville knife

Modern Art, Anonymous Flintknapper

Rinehart gray ghost 1

Modern Art, Bryon Rinehart

Danish dagger, DC Waldorf

Modern Art, D. C. Waldorf

Dickson axe 1

Modern Art, F. P. Dickson

Axe, Flint Jack 1

Modern Art, Flint Jack

Samoan adze GSP

Modern Art, Galumalemana Steven Percival

Flenniken biface

Modern Art, J. Jeffrey Flenniken

Hollow based point Kiernan

Modern Art, John Kiernan

Mack Tussinger eccentric

Modern Art, Mack Tussinger

Elko point Mark's work

Modern Art, Mark Moore

Biface, Mark Moore 2018

Modern Art, Mark Moore

screenshot (2)

Modern Art, Marquardt Lund

Folsom Marvin McCormick 2

Modern Art, Marvin McCormick

Biface, Simon Greenwood

Modern Art, Simon Greenwood

screenshot (6)

Modern Art, Ted Orcutt

Tim Dillard antler billet

Modern Art, Tim Dillard

Tim Dillard, snyders

Modern Art, Tim Dillard

Tim Dillard Clovis

Modern Art, Tim Dillard

Tim Dillard Dickson

Modern Art, Tim Dillard

Warren Warbrick adze 1

Modern Art, Warren Warbrick