This category includes stone tools made as part on an ongoing toolmaking tradition that extended into the historic period.  In some cases these traditions have continued to the modern day.

Bottle base core 3

Glass Core

Bottle base core 2

Glass Core

Bottle base core 1

Glass Core

Bottle glass flake 2, Australia

Glass Flake

Bottle glass flake 1, Australia

Glass Flake

Hafted flake Central Australia

Hafted Flake

Gunflint UK 2


Hafted scraper, Alaska

Hafted Scraper

Mace head 2

Club Head

Mace head 1, PNG

Club Head

Hafted adze PNG

Hafted Stone Adze

screenshot (1)

Hafted Stone Axe

Hafted axe, Australia

Hafted Stone Axe

Hafted axe, Chile

Hafted Stone Axe

Adze, Langda

Stone Adze

Leilira macroblade knife

Leilira Knife

Macroblade knife, Papua New Guinea

Macroblade Knife

Hafted macroblade knife 1

Macroblade Knife

Ulu, hafted


Kimberley point, milk glass

Kimberley Point

Macroblade with bees wax 1

Macroblade Point

Macroblade NT ARPA donation

Macroblade Point

Hafted spear, Arnhem Land

Stone-Tipped Spear

arrowhead fetish

Arrowhead Fetish

River cobble in mesh bag

Power Stone

Adze from Laos with wrapping

Stone Adze Talisman

Hammer, Horn 1

Horn Hammer

Hammer, Horn 2

Horn Hammer

Pressure flaking tool, Alaska

Pressure Flaking Tool

Hammer, Wood

Wood Hammer