Type:  Macroblade (Leilira) Knife

Location: Northern Territory



MoST ID: 218

Pedestal Link: https://une.pedestal3d.com/r/EMXgjoqr49

Model Author:  Michael Curry

This quartzite leilira macroblade knife was made by the Aranda people.

The macroblade is affixed to the wood handle with resin from spinifex grass. The quartzite blade on this knife was expertly struck down a prominent ridge on the core, with the edges converging to form a sharp point that required no additional retouching to shape. The handle and resin were decorated with yellow, black, and red pigments. The stone blades on leilira knives were often protected by a paperbark sheath when not in use. Leiliras were men’s knives, and were carried tucked into a belt with the handle upwards.

The artefact is curated by the UNE Museum of Antiquities.

See the annotations for technological details about this stone tool.