Type:  Modern Art, Marquardt Lund

Location: Germany



MoST ID: 3407

Pedestal Link: https://une.pedestal3d.com/r/6x0kIS9vdI

Model Author:  Emma Watt

This replica of a Neolithic thick-butted axe blank made from Danish flint by flintknapper Marquardt Lund in 2010.

Marquardt Lund is a contemporary flintknapper based in Germany.  He is the coauthor with Wulf Hein of the outstanding book Flinthandwerk, an introduction to flintknapping from the European perspective published in 2018, reviewed hereRather than relying on copper tools for flaking, Lund uses exclusively traditional tools such as hammerstones and antler percussion flakers (called ‘billets’), punches, and pressure flakers.  As well as his European-based work, Lund has done extensive research into the elaborate flintknapping methods of Predynastic and Dynastic Egypt.

The model is one of Lund’s replica thick-butted axe blanks.  He generously made the blank in 2010 to support an Australian archaeology student’s research into the attributes of flakes created by indirect percussion using an organic punch.  Refer to this model for a similar but less refined thick-butted axe blank from the archaeological record of Denmark.