Samoan stone adze-making workshop begins

The ~Rock~Paper~Scissors stone adze-making workshop kicks off tomorrow in Apia, Samoa. Samoa and American Samoa have a rich natural and cultural heritage reflected in a range of pre-European contact arts and crafts that are both practical and aesthetic. Rock~Paper~Scissors aims to revive cultural memory and know-how by researching and documenting particular cultural products, and learning…

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Lithic Studies Society (UK) 2023 Conference

Call for Papers The Lithic Studies Society returns with our first in-person conference in four years on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th October 2023 at the Civil War Museum, Newark-on-Trent. In the wake of the pandemic, research has resumed apace and there are many new discoveries, analyses and approaches to be shared and discussed in…

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Launch of the Museum of Stone Tools

Museum of Stone Tools

Welcome to the Museum of Stone Tools! The Museum of Stone Tools is an outcome of the Covid 19 lockdown in Australia in 2020.  With fieldwork plans stymied,  I brainstormed how I could wait out the pandemic in a useful and engaged way.  An obvious option was to do something meaningful with the University of…

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