Contribute to the Museum of Stone Tools

The success and growth of the Museum of Stone Tools depends on your continuing support.  Through this, we strive to increase the Museum’s virtual collection of 3D models.

A model from the Museum...

We need 3D Models of Artefacts

We strive to increase the Museum’s geographical reach and typological diversity and one way we can achieve this is for you to donate digital 3D models of stone artefacts for us to upload.

If you donate a model, the model’s author will appear in the Details section, with information on the artefact’s history in the Description section.  We prefer to license the models as Open Access (CC license), but we can follow your licensing instructions.  Models need to be of relatively good quality to appear in the Museum.

There are now many companies world-wide that made 3D models of objects, and model-making skills are becoming widespread amongst digital hobbyists.  There are a variety of free apps for making 3D photogrammetric models with your smartphone, and the latest generation smartphones and tablets have built-in LIDAR tools for making models.

We can also make models of objects in the Museum of Stone Tool's Photogrammetry Laboratory.

Please contact the Curator for arranging the loan of an object for us to model, or to send us a model to upload.

We need 3D Models of Archaeological Sites

We are interested in uploading 3D landscape models of archaeological sites or features within archaeological sites if they have a stone tools theme.  Examples might include prehistoric or historic stone quarry sites, stone-flaking scatters, stonemasonry structures, rock art made using stone tools or minerals, and site features such as axe grinding grooves.  Please contact the Curator if your have a landscape model you would like to donate.

We need 3D Models of Modern Replicas made by Flintknappers and Experimenters

The Museum’s mission is to present the deep history of stone technology world-wide, including the objects made by modern flintknappers and experimenters.  The Museum is a great way to publicise your work!  Your name will be used in the model’s title and a brief biography can be included in the object information.  This may include links to your personal websites or social media pages.  Please contact the Curator if you would like your work to appear in the Museum.