Stone Type: Metasedimentary

Metasedimentary Axe blank Bletchington Pakr

Metasedimentary rock was first formed by the deposition and solidification of sediment. This sedimentary rock was then buried beneath other layers of rock and subjected to intense pressures and temperatures, causing the rock to recrystallise. This process hardens the stone and can make it suitable for flaking into tools.

Pebble-edged core, Corindi Beach

Pebble-Edged Core

Macroblade Kimberley metased

Macroblade Point

Axe from Ireland, AIA

Stone Axe

Adze, Thailand

Stone Adze

Bidirectional core, Anaiwan

Bidirectional Core

Gunflint Nepal 1


Biface thinning flake Bletchington

Biface Thinning Flake

Pebble-edged core Moonee

Pebble-Edged Core

Pebble edge core Moonee Beach ARPA 1

Pebble-Edged Core

Indonesian axe engraved

Stone Axe Talisman

River cobble in mesh bag

Power Stone

Axe blank Bletchington Pakr

Stone Axe Blank

Painted pebble, France

Painted Pebble

End scraper, North Carolina

End Scraper

Drill, North Carolina

Stone Drill

Engraved hammerstone, Scotland

Pilgrims Stone

screenshot (1)

Hafted Stone Axe

Microblade core, Australia (2)

Microblade Core