Stone Type: Silcrete

Silcrete Horsehoof core re-do

Silcrete is a duricrust formed when quartz grains are cemented together by dissolved silica. In fine-grained silcrete, quartz sand grains appear to be ‘floating’ in the matrix of silica, while other varieties are composed mostly of quartz grains. The latter varieties are a form of orthoquartzite, or silicified sandstone. Silcrete is a very common source of stone for tools made by Aboriginal people in Australia, but it can also be found in other parts of the world, such as South Africa and the Congo Basin. The flaking quality of silcrete can often be improved by heat treatment.

Bidirectional core, Mithaka 1

Bidirectional Core

Core Tool 2 Mithaka

Core Tool

Core tool 1, Mithaka

Core Tool

Microblade core, Mithaka

Microblade Core

Horsehoof core Mithaka straight edge

Horsehoof Core

Horsehoof core Mithaka FB

Horsehoof Core

Horsehoof core Mithaka classic

Horsehoof Core

Horsehoof core bifacial Mithaka 1

Horsehoof Core

Flake blank core Mithaka

Core on Flake

Macroblade core on flake, Mithaka

Macroblade Core on Flake

Flake, siret arris


Flake, Quarry Mithaka

Quarry Flake

Flake, block-on-block, Mithaka

Quarry Debris

Macroblade Yilugwa 2, Mithaka

Yilugwa Knife

Kimberley point, lithic casting lab

Kimberley Point

Pirri SA long

Pirri Point

Pirri SA short

Pirri Point

Pirri point SA

Pirri Point

Elko point Mark's work

Modern Art, Mark Moore

Yilugwa Mithaka 1

Yilugwa Knife