Stone Type: Volcanic

Volcanic Mata Menge core

Extrusive igneous rocks form when magma reaches the surface and cools and solidifies rapidly.  These are also called ‘volcanic’ rocks.  Volcanic rocks—such as basalt, rhyolite, and obsidian—tend to be more glassy and suitable for flaking than intrusive igneous rocks like granite or diorite.

Axe Willeroo Yard NT

Stone Axe

Multiplatform Mata Menge 7

Multiplatform Core

Adze, Langda

Stone Adze

Core 4 soa basin

Retouched Cobble, ‘Perforator’

Core 6, Soa Basin

Multiplatform Core

Core 7, Soa Basin

Multiplatform Core

Core 8, pick, Soa Basin

Multiplatform Core, ‘Pick’

Core 9 So'a Basin

Multiplatform Core

Core 10, Soa basin

Multiplatform Core

Soa core 11

Bifacial Core

Mace head 1, PNG

Club Head

Mace head 2

Club Head

Mace head, Peru

Mace Head

Axe, Gold Coast

Facetted Axe

Hafted axe, Australia

Hafted Stone Axe