Stone Tools of Europe

Handaxe France

Acheulean Handaxe

Handaxe with shell fossil

Acheulean Handaxe

Handaxe St Acheul

Acheulean Handaxe

Handaxe Quartzite England AIA

Acheulean Handaxe

Handaxe AIA ambiguous label

Acheulean Handaxe

Handaxe, Broom, England

Acheulean Handaxe

Handaxe, Swanscombe

Acheulean Handaxe

Handaxe UK, giant ficron 2023

Acheulean Handaxe

Handaxe twisted cordate Manchester uni

Acheulean Handaxe, ‘s-twist’

Handaxe Mousterian UK 1

Mousterian Handaxe

Handaxe, Mousterian, AIA unprov 2

Mousterian Handaxe

Handaxe mousterian from france 1

Mousterian Handaxe

Ukraine cobble core Oleksandr


Flake patinated Germany


Ukraine flake Oleksandr


Flake, OS France AIA


Levallois core plaster cast

Levallois Core

Levallois core Germany re-do 1

Levallois Core

Levallois Les eysies 1

Levallois Core

Levallois flake plaster

Levallois Flake

Redirecting flake Germanry re-do

Redirecting Flake

Ukraine SP core Oleksandr

Single Platform Core

Burin, Norway


Burin, France


Burin, Kostenki 12


End scraper, France

End Scraper

End scraper, Kostenki 17

End Scraper

Gunflint UK 2


Axe grinding grooves, France

Axe Grinding Grooves

Blade indirect percussion glossed


Blade, indirect percussion, Denmark 2


Blade, Indirect percussion Denmark 3


Blade core indirect percussion France

Blade Core

Blade core Livre de Burre

Livre de Burre Core

Microblade core, Norway

Microblade Core

Microblade core, France cambridge

Microblade Core

Microblade core, France

Microblade Core

Retouched blade Grand Pressigny

Retouched Blade

Blade indirect percussion Denmark retouched

Retouched Blade

Axe, hafted in antler

Hafted Stone Axe

Axe in modern haft, Denmark

Hafted Stone Axe, replicated

Point-butted axe Denmark 1

Point-Butted Axe

screenshot (3)

Rectangular-Sectioned Adze

Axe blank, Czech Republic

Shaft-Hole Axe

Axe, Denmark battleaxe

Shaft-Hole Battle Axe

Battle axe Germany

Shaft-Hole Battle Axe

Adze, Hampshire UK

Stone Adze

Axe from Ireland, AIA

Stone Axe

Axe France AIA Seine

Stone Axe

Stone axe, France AIA 1

Stone Axe

Axe, flint, France

Stone Axe

Axe from Ireland AIA pebble

Stone Axe

Axe from Scotland AIA

Stone Axe

Axe, Ireland

Stone Axe

Axe blank Manchester UK

Stone Axe Blank

Axe Blank, Thames, AIA

Stone Axe Blank

Axe blank, England

Stone Axe Blank

Thick-butted rect sectioned axe AIA 1

Thick-Butted Axe

Square-sectioned axe blank

Thick-Butted Axe Blank

Square-sectioned axe Denmark 1

Thin-Bladed Thick-Butted Axe

Thin-butted axe, AIA, Denmark

Thin-Butted Axe

Quadrifacial axe, Denmark 2

Thin-Butted Axe Blank

Hafted bifacial knife, Switzerland

Hafted Bifacial Dagger

Solutrean biface Volgu

Laurel Leaf Biface

Danish Dagger, type II two pieces

Type II Dagger

Danish Dagger Type IV 1

Type IV Dagger

Danish dagger type V mwm

Type V Dagger

arrowhead, transverse microlith Denmark 2


Shouldered point, Kostenki 17

Gravettian Shouldered Point

Streletskian point, Kostenki 12

Streletskian Point

Arrowhead Ireland AIA

Barbed and Tanged Arrowhead

Arrowhead, England, AIA

Barbed and Tanged Arrowhead

Arrowhead, Escoural Cave Portugal

Hollow-Based Point

Trifacial point, Denmark

Trifacial Point

Alunda Moose, Sweden

Ceremonial Battle Axe

Painted pebble, France

Painted Pebble

Engraved hammerstone, Scotland

Pilgrims Stone

screenshot (7) copy


Strike-a-light Albania 1


Eolith AIA 1

Eolith Piece

Eolith retouched cobble

Eolith Retouched Cobble

Handaxe replica 1, Abbe Brueil

Modern Art, Anonymous Flintknapper

Handaxe replica 2, Abbe Brueil

Modern Art, Anonymous Flintknapper

Axe, Flint Jack 1

Modern Art, Flint Jack

screenshot (2)

Modern Art, Marquardt Lund