Widi Stone Tool Workshop

The traditional country of the Widi People covers a quarter of a million hectares west of Mackay, Queensland.  Widi country includes open sclerophyll woodlands typical for this part of Australia, and large parts of it are covered in silcrete cobbles—a valuable toolmaking stone for the ancestors of the Widi.  The European colonisers discovered vast quantities…

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Anaiwan People are using 3D Models to Manage their Heritage

The traditional country of the Anaiwan People covers over three-quarters of a million hectares on the Northern Tablelands, in Australia’s New England region.  Anaiwan land is situated in the high-elevation region west of the Great Dividing Range, and includes a diverse range of sclerophyll forests and small high-elevation montane lakes, referred to locally as lagoons. …

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Launch of the Museum of Stone Tools

Museum of Stone Tools

Welcome to the Museum of Stone Tools! The Museum of Stone Tools is an outcome of the Covid 19 lockdown in Australia in 2020.  With fieldwork plans stymied,  I brainstormed how I could wait out the pandemic in a useful and engaged way.  An obvious option was to do something meaningful with the University of…

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