Stone Tool Making Techniques: Shaping by grinding

Grinding was used to finish a variety of stone objects such as bowls, statues, beads and ornaments, clubs, and stone axes and adzes.  Hard, brittle stones such as flint and obsidian were sometimes ground into shape, as were stones like quartz crystal, quartz, quartzite, and jade.  

Stone axe, Zug, Switzerland

Stone Axe

Axe France AIA Seine

Stone Axe

Stone axe, France AIA 1

Stone Axe

Battle axe Germany

Shaft-Hole Battle Axe

Arm ring, Mali

Stone Arm Ring

Slate point 1

Adena Stemmed Point

Axe, Charleville 2

Stone Axe

Adze NZ jade updated

Stone Adze

Adze from Laos with wrapping

Stone Adze Talisman

Ulu 3, Alaska


Axe, Gold Coast

Facetted Axe