Stone Tool Making Techniques: Hard-Hammer blade-making

By archaeological convention, a ‘blade’ is a flake that is more than twice as long as wide and roughly parallel-sided.  Flakes of this shape were useful as knives and daggers and as armatures for spears and arrows, and they were often used as blanks for retouching into other tools.  In many parts of the world, blades were made by directly striking the core platform with a hard hammerstone.

Microblade core, Mithaka

Microblade Core

Macroblade core on flake, Mithaka

Macroblade Core on Flake

Macroblade Kimberley metased

Macroblade Point

Macroblade NT ARPA donation

Macroblade Point

Macroblade point, Wave Hill 1

Macroblade Point

Blade, Jebel al-Faya UAE


Macroblade with bees wax 1

Macroblade Point

Blade core, bidirectional, Jordan

Naviform Blade Core

Macroblade core, Azerbaijan

Macroblade Core

screenshot (7)

Macroblade Core

screenshot (4)

Macroblade Core