Stone Tool Making Techniques: Indirect Percussion quadrifacial shaping

Indirect percussion was used to make rectangular-sectioned blanks for edge-ground axes and adzes in Europe, Indonesia, and the Pacific.  These blanks are flaked on all four faces from the four bifacial edges that define the cross section.  The blanks are ‘quadrifacial’ in flaking pattern.

Adze blank, Song Gupuh

Stone Adze Blank

Thin-butted axe, AIA, Denmark

Thin-Butted Axe

Thick-butted rect sectioned axe AIA 1

Thick-Butted Axe

screenshot (3)

Rectangular-Sectioned Adze

screenshot (2)

Modern Art, Marquardt Lund

Bead blank, Khambhat

Bead Blank

Khambhat modern point 2

Modern Art, Khambhat Flintknapper

Square-sectioned axe blank

Thick-Butted Axe Blank

Square-sectioned axe Denmark 1

Thin-Bladed Thick-Butted Axe

Quadrifacial axe, Denmark 2

Thin-Butted Axe Blank