Type:  Modern Art, D. C. Waldorf

Location: Branson, Missouri



MoST ID: 2670

Pedestal Link: https://une.pedestal3d.com/r/A7lhtRFABe

Model Author:  Emma Watt

This replica Type IV Danish dagger was made from heat-treated Georgetown flint by flintknapper D. C. Waldorf in 2004.  It is Waldorf’s dagger no. DCW 04 D-339.

This model is one of Waldorf’s Type IV Danish dagger replicas, made from Georgetown flint.  Refer to this model for a similar Type IV dagger from the archaeological record of Denmark.

D. C. Waldorf is a contemporary flintknapper based in Missouri.  He is the author of The Art of Flintknapping, published continuously since 1975 and the essential how-to guide for beginning flintknappers interested in making North American style bifacial stone tools.  Waldorf’s book and instructional DVDs were instrumental in the modern hobbyist flintknapping movement from the 1980s.  This was virtually the only instructional material available until the rise of social media in the early 2010s, and through his book and videos, Waldorf has indirectly assisted hundreds of nascent flintknappers in learning basic flintknapping theory and techniques.  Waldorf was also the editor of Chips (1989-2011), a journal that spread news and technical information among flintknappers before the rise of social media forced its demise.  He is the author of a variety of lavishly-illustrated and accessible books on ancient stone tools, particularly from Eastern North America and Denmark.  Waldorf sells his books and replicas on his website, Mound Builder Books.

Waldorf uses a variety of techniques and methods, including ‘traditional’ tools such as hammerstones, antler percussion flakers (called ‘billets’), and antler pressure flakers, as well as popular modern tools such as copper billet ‘boppers’ and copper pressure flakers.  He actively makes and sells North American bifacial stone tools of various types, as well as replica Danish Daggers and other arrowhead types from the European Neolithic.