Stone Type: Silicified Tuff

Silicified tuff Axe blank, England

Tuff is volcanic ash ejected from a volcano.  After it falls to the earth, it solidifies into rock by heat-induced fusion or through silicification.  Soft, coarse-grained tuff is not suitable for flaking, but hard, fine-grained varieties can be of excellent flaking quality.  The coarser varieties of tuff were sometimes used for sculptures or as building material.

Axe blank Manchester UK

Stone Axe Blank

Centripetal core Liang Bua 7

Centripetal Core

Core 5 Soa basin

Multiplatform Core

Microblade core Australia, Nobby's chert

Microblade Core

Liang Bua centripetal core re-do

Centripetal Core

Soa core 3 conjoin

Centripetal Core

Flake, Kobatuwa


Axe blank, England

Stone Axe Blank