Pedestal 3D

The 3D models are hosted on a platform developed and maintained by Pedestal 3D and licensed to the University of New England in Armidale, Australia. Pedestal 3D was developed to aid online course delivery for university lecturers and to provide a venue for museums and galleries to display and store digitised collections. The platform offers custom tools to augment and extend the traditional classroom experience, including digital calipers for measuring objects and downloading the data as a csv file, tools for lighting and surface texture manipulation, slicing options for making cross sections, and a screenshot application to capture views for use in essays and reports. Key attributes can be shown using annotated pins, which in turn provide a virtual tour of the object, moving from attribute to attribute. The information fields allow direct links to other online resources.

Visit Pedestal 3D ( for more information.


Find out more about how you can contribute to the museum of stone tools by providing 3D models or by loaning objects for modelling.

The Museum of Stone Tools entails running costs in maintaining the website and expanding the virtual collections.  This requires regular purchases of software licenses and upgrades for creating and curating new 3D models.  To help ameliorate these costs, you can donate here.