Type:  Retouched Flake

Location: Cusack Rock, Victoria River Downs, Northern Territory



MoST ID: 5570

Pedestal Link: https://une.pedestal3d.com/r/cdLMgYKBR2

Model Author:  Emma Watt

This chert retouched flake is from Victoria River Downs in the Northern Territory.  The artefact was recovered from the surface and likely dates to the Holocene period.  

The flake blank for this tool was struck by hard-hammer percussion delivered to a water-rolled pebble.  The original edge of the pebble is rounded by taphonomic flaking and abrasion and is still visible along one edge of the platform.  The distal edge of the flake blank was then unifacially retouched to prepare it for use as a scraping or cutting tool.